Keck School of Medicine of USC

BIR Lab Grand Opening & Open House

BIR Lab White Board

We would like to extend a big Thank You to everyone who attended our open house on June 11th, 2014. We had a great turn out of over 60 guests including, faculty, staff, residents, students, and members of the community and industry. We are very excited to be "Open for Business" and looking forward to working with other departments at USC along with corporations and members of our industry.

A big thanks goes out to Dr. Sean Henderson, Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine, for the endless help and support in opening the lab.

Champagne Toast

As part of our toast to the new lab, we shot a bottle of champagne with our Universal Receiver and recorded at 10,000 frames⁄second with our High–Speed Camera. See the video posted below. Here are some interesting facts about the shot:

» Caliber: 40 S&W (Common Law Enforcement Round)
» Bullet Weight: 180 grains
» Muzzle Velocity: 1,000 feet⁄second

Below is the before and after photos of the bullet. You can see the bullet mushroom nicely from the impact, along with the copper jacket peeling. It was a textbook "First Shot" for our lab!

BIR Lab Open House

BIR Lab Champagne ShotBIR Lab Open House