Keck School of Medicine of USC


Headforms USC
Hybrid III Headform

The Hybrid III head and neck is outfitted with a six-axis upper neck load cell that is used in conjuction with the linear impactor to asses head injuries. A triaxial array of linear and angular accelerometers are at the CG of the head to asses linear and angular acceleration. The Hybrid III can also be used for ballistic helmet tests.

NOCSAE Headform

The NOCSAE headform is used with the NOCSAE twin-wire drop stand for helmet testing. It is outfitted with a triaxial array of accelerometers at the CG of the headform. Angular accelerometers can also be used with the NOCSAE headform. Attaching the headform to a sliding table allows the headform to be used with projectiles to test varrying types of sports headgear.