Keck School of Medicine of USC

Ballistics Lab

Ballistics Lane

The ballistics lab offers 24 linear feet of useable distance. The bullet trap is rated for rounds up to .308 Winchester. The BIR Lab also has access to a range off site rated to 50BMG with 100 yards of linear distance. Most firing within the range is done via the Universal Receiver, which accepts almost any cartridge and offers extreme accuracy and precision.

Ballistics Lane

Testing Offered

The BIR Lab range is ideal for pistol cartridge testing. We specialize in NIJ Standard body armor testing, ballistic helmet testing and non-lethal cartridge testing. However, we are not limited to just the above testing, we will customize a testing protocol to meet the needs of product Research & Development. Our high-speed camera is used with all testing, as it offers the ability to track bullets and study the impact mechanics of the bullet and impacted surface.

Universal Receiver

Universal Receiver The Universal Receiver has many advantages over standard handheld firearms. The UR can accept any barrel from any caliber cartridge making it very simple to test various scenarios. The UR is extremely precise with <0.0005” repeatability. This accuracy and precision allows for minimal data loss due to missed shots and conforms well with the NIJ Standard for body armor testing.

Phantom Miro LC310

Phantom Miro This high-speed, high-definition (720p) camera is capable of over 3,600fps at HD resolution, and over 10,000fps at standard definition. The LC310 also features a small package making high-speed video capture a possibility in the field. The Miro is high-G rated, giving us the flexibility to record on-board in crash test environments. With Nikon F-mount lenses the Miro has numerous capture capabilities at multiple ranges.

The high-speed camera allows for post test video tracking and analysis. After capture, biomechanical motions can be studied, velocities can be derived and other useful data can be recorded.